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Ever heard of a writer who isn’t also a reader?

Energized by the written word since childhood, Kate has been an avid reader of all genres of fiction and non-fiction for as long as she can remember.

She didn’t realize she had any particular talent for putting words together in an attractive order until early in her high school years, when she started to receive a moderate level of academic recognition. She put this skill to good use through high school and college, where she accidentally took so many English courses she surprisingly graduated with two degrees: Business Administration (planned) and English (unplanned).

After college, Kate went on to work for a Fortune 50 healthcare company, where it became clear she was able to express herself most completely — and most comfortably — in written form. Though valiant attempts were made at presenting and public speaking, the same words just wouldn’t come to her — irrespective of the number of people in the audience — and Kate went back to writing. Over the years, the corporate environment allowed Kate to sharpen her writing skills by supplying her with a steady diet of responsibilities including proposals, executive communications and summaries, marketing and sales pieces, business plans, speeches, presentations, customer correspondence, and even a blogsite.

Although confident in all arenas of technical, persuasive and expository writing, Kate has developed specialized skills in resume writing, professional biographies and LinkedIn profiles, and most recently, she has found tremendous enjoyment in editing. Regardless of the project, she commits to providing the client the highest quality of finished product as she is able. She gives you her word.

Today, at least 30 years after discovering her particular skill, Kate still finds it easier to write than speak; the only thing she does more than write is read; and she has never walked passed an open bookstore. Ever.

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.
— Ray Bradbury
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  • “I was really happy with the biography that Kate did for me... She took a chore that I viewed as an impossibility and made it disappear with a quick call. It worked great for my online store! If I need more work done, I wouldn't hesitate to call her again.”
    - Barbara Kletecka
    Read Barbara's bio
  • “Kate does a fantastic job. I am constantly amazed with her writing skills and what she is she able to craft with just the few details I have provided her. If you are in need of a letter, a resume, or a simple paragraph, Kate is your one stop shop. I can't recommend her enough.”
    - Shannon Koen
    Read Shannon's bio
  • “The experience I had working with Kate was remarkable, not only because she provided me with a very professionally written personal statement, but she also provided great service and helped me stay calm at a stressful time. I would highly recommend Kate to all.”
    - N. Patel
    Read the personal statement
  • “We planned a party for our parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, and needed something to convey to our parents how important they are to us and how much of them we have absorbed into our own lives. Kate wrote this speech for us, and it was perfect.”
    - Emily Navin
    Read the speech
  • “After receiving an invitation to provide a commencement speech at my alma mater, I reached out to Kate to help draft a message that could inspire the next generation of graduates for my profession. She exceed my expectations. Thank you, Kate.”
    - Raj Chhadua
    Winner of the Pharmacist Alumni of the Year Award from Texas Tech University and commencement ceremony guest speaker Read the speech
  • “Kate is a wonderfully creative writer. From resumes to recommendations and all things between, Kate will give you a written voice that you never knew you had.”
    - Marshall K.
    piece to be used with the National Association of Chain Drug Stores and Texas State Senator Zaffarini in support of Texas Senate Bill 2042.
    Read the whitepaper
  • “Kate did a great job with my resume! I felt confident handing out my resume knowing that it included all of the necessary details and was relevant to the industry I was trying to break into.”
    - Kailey Baker
    Read Kailey's resume
  • “Kate's level of professionalism was refreshing and authentic. It takes a unique individual to listen, ask the right questions, and challenge your thinking to ensure what you are on paper speaks truly to who you are, and not what you think people want to read.”
    - Ryan Williams
  • “Kate by far is the most authentic, straight to the point, facts driven, passionate writer that I have ever worked with.”
    - Edward W.
  • “Although resumes seem fairly easy to write, I struggled in writing my own. I trusted Kate to write my resume, and I was extremely impressed with her writing skills, the way she communicates, and the professional outcome of the resume.”
    - A. Lopez
  • “Updating my resume was a daunting task. Kate was able develop a CV that highlighted my qualifications and experience with little effort from me. I got the job!”
    - Nhat N.
  • “Kate crafted a very nice resume for me in a short amount of time. She did a very nice job in condensing all of my years of service and accomplishments into a structured format that told my story both professionally and personally within a professional resume.”
    - V. Wilkinson
  • “Kate and her writing skills are second to none. She designed a resume that separated mine from others. Her attention to detail and ability to adjust to her clients’ needs makes her my only choice for any creative writing needs.”
    - James Lewis
  • “My experience working with Kate and her wealth of knowledge in connecting with potential employers was nothing short of first class. Her service is worth every penny.”
    - James Ross
  • “Kate is constantly studying the market with the latest writing techniques and formats. Writing is her passion and it shows in the finished product.”
    - Jennifer B.
  • “Kate did a phenomenal job writing my resume. She was able to capture a snapshot of my career and highlight important accomplishments in a way that was clear, concise and professional. I have, and will continue, to recommend her services to colleagues and friends.”
    - Chris Hensley
  • “When I brought my resume to Ms. Turner, I was having a tough time showing my experience effectively. A few phone calls later, I was thrilled with the way she had taken what I had, combined it with what she learned about me, and turned it into a powerful document.”
    - Dustin C.
  • “When my company first started thinking about expansion, I hired Kate to write our business plan. I was so impressed with her skills. I will definitely call Kate again, and I recommended her to anyone looking for a professional, talented business writer.”
    - A. Patel
    Senior Vice President of a North Texas Healthcare Company
  • “Having witnessed firsthand the timeliness, diligence and professionalism of Kate, I will continue to use her services for future writing projects. Kate has been vital to ensuring my book, ‘The Rose’, will capture the readers’ heart right from the start.”
    - Beverly M. Johnson
    author of the inspirational book “The Rose”
  • “Kate has written speeches, resumes, and award nomination summaries for me and I have been VERY pleased! Everything she does is very eloquently written and professional. I would definitely recommend!”
    - Dr. M. Barnett

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